Videos on the topic of Cryonics


Cryonics - Kim Suozzi

Kim was cryopreseved at the age of 23, following a less-than-two-year battle with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, a highly aggressive brain cancer.

The Future of Cryonics

What lies in the future for cryonics - the practice of low-temperature suspended animation of people who have died of an incurable disease, in the hope of a future cure?

Cryonics in French media

Cryonics UK team going through their paces whilst being filmed for French news item.

Cryonics: Fantasy or a bridge to the future

João Pedro de Magalhães shares details about the concept of cryonics and its importance to human beings.

The Newsmakers: Awaiting immortality

Beyond the grave: We're looking at cryogenics - and whether it's the answer for those who want to live in the future.