How To Join Cryonics UK?

Here are Cryonics UK's bank account number and data


How To Join Cryonics UK?

To become a Cryonics UK member, you'll need to set up a standing order to cover the monthly membership fee. Non UK members may wish to pay annually for convenience.

Current membership fees are:

Monthly subscription if aged under 25: £10
• Monthly subscription if you attend training sessions: £15
• Monthly subscription if you do not attend training sessions: £20
• Monthly subscription for a household if at least one member of the household attends training sessions: £25
• Monthly subscription for a household if no members of that household attend training sessions: £30

Why the different rates?

One of Cryonics UK's primary roles in to provide emergency services for its members. We rely on volunteers to maintain and provide this service. To encourage volunteers, membership dues are lower for those who attend training sessions than for those who do not.

How often do training sessions take place?

Training sessions are held every three or four months. Members paying the reduced membership rate are expected to attend at least two training weekends per year. Details of training weekends can be found on the Training page.

Bank account numbers & information

Please ask your bank to pay your monthly subscription to:

• Bank name: CAF Bank (this is a specialist bank for charities)
• Account name: HOPRT (this stands for Human Organ Preservation Research Trust, which is our charity, though your bank will not need to know the full title)
• Sort Code: 40 52 40 • Account number: 0001 8686
New members should email: to provide contact information and confirm their membership. You will then receive a data collection form. If you do not have all the information for the form, please complete as much as you can and return it to us promptly. You can always send a revised copy later. If you do not provide us with relevant information, this could adversely affect our emergency response for you.

Why the two names: H.O.P.R.T and Cryonics UK?

The Human Organ Preservation Research Trust is a registered charity (reg no 1001750). The charity operates under the name of Cryonics UK. HOPRT is currently funded by membership fees and donations.

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