Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers pertaining to Cryonics


I want to arrange to be cryopreserved. Where do I start?

With a cryonics service provider.

British cryonicists tend to have signed up with either Alcor, Cryonics Institute or KrioRus. You can contact them directly via their own websites.

Additionally, if you want someone to walk you through it step by step, contact one of our team at

How much does it cost?

A cryonics contract itself can vary in price depending on one's cryonics service provider, and option chosen from said provider. It can be the equivalent of less than 50p a day for a very respectable deal.

How can I know it's not a scam?

Cryonics has been around for over forty years now; you can tour the facilities, visit the patients in suspension.

How can I know that it works?

You can't. You have a choice, though: you can try it, and maybe live and maybe die. Or you can not try it, and definitely die.

If you're not a cryonics storage provider, what do you do exactly?

We are Britain's volunteer emergency standby team. We will accept into membership anyone who has a suspension contract with a provider. These members can then attend training to become part of the emergency standby team on completion of training, and / or can pay a small fee to receive emergency standby without themselves being on the team.

What exactly is this emergency standby?

It's said that a friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body. That's part of what we do. If you are dying, we will arrive on the scene with equipment ready to get started as soon as you are clinically dead. We will attend to the administration of various medicines and intravenous fluids, and the initial cooldown, and in all ways prepare your body physically for shipping to your cryonics provider perfused with cryoprotectants and kept at a low temperature with dry ice. This is much better than you than dying and then having to cool yourself down, stop your own blood from congealing, and make your own way to the other side of the world.

Is standby included in the fee I pay my storage provider?

For Cryonics Institute (C.I.) members, standby costs are not normally included in the fee they pay, however, many members overfund their storage fee with CI and arrange for the extra to be paid for local standby costs (e.g. to Cryonics UK).

Alcor charge a CMS (Comprehensive Member Standby) fee which has a surcharge for those outside of the USA, however, they are unlikely to be available at short notice. Alcor members should confirm if Alcor will pay local standby costs to Cryonics UK if our service is required.

Can you break down the possible costs of standby?

Cryonics UK (CUK) are a voluntary non-profit making charity and to protect our service and our members, must recover our costs in providing standby services.
The following charges are fairly comprehensive:

Medications and consumables               - £2,800
Airway management consumables         - £230
Data logging consumables                     - £65
Perfusion kit consumables                     - £375
Agency doctor's fee                               - £1,745
Embalmer and mortuary hire                 - £1,000
Rowland Brothers fees & expenses        - £4,500
Shipping costs                                       - £1,475
Dry ice and water ice                             - £2,020
CUK accommodation and food               -£2,660
CUK travel costs                                     -£900
Phone costs                                           -£100
Contingency Fund                                  -£10,000

Total                                                      -£27,870

In the cases we have attended, the reality has been that we have incurred extra costs in some areas and saved in others. In all of those cases, the savings have exceeded the extra costs. In each case the final bill for expenses was below £15,000.
The above figures include no allowance for the time commitment from Cryonics UK team members. We all carry out every aspect of our CUK activities without any payment for our time. It is not unusual for people to work for free to support something which is important to them. There are plenty of other examples: charity shops, community support schemes, Police Specials, St John Ambulance, historic railways, motor racing safety crews and so on.

Every case is different so CUK will not charge a fixed fee for standby. Everyone will pay the full cost of their own standby.

Can non-members get standby assistance?

Members pay monthly subscriptions and some invest time and effort to attend quarterly training sessions to ensure the service we offer is available, therefore if a non-member requires standby, we must charge a last minute membership fee of £5000 to cover the lost subscriptions and ensure a fair service.

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