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Operation of the Cryonics UK Ambulance

(October 2013)

These notes cover the operation of the Cryonics UK ambulance and the main items of equipment. They are intended as an aide-memoir for those who are already familiar with the ambulance, not as a comprehensive manual.

  • Before starting and driving away
  • Ignition and gears
  • Reversing beeper
  • Raising and lowering the ramp
  • Main electrical supply and control devices
  • 240 volt AC supplies and the 12v DC supply
  • Charging the back-up batteries and engine batteries

Overview of Emergency Call-Out Team Procedures

(April 2014)

  • OVERVIEW: how it all slots together
  • Appendix A: INITIAL PHONE CALL: emergency questionnaire
  • Appendix B: EQUIPMENT: storage, use and preparation
  • Appendix C: MEDICATION: summary of purpose and administration
  • Appendix D: COOL-DOWN: procedures
  • Appendix E: REQUEST: to hospital

(28 pages)